About Us

Our History

SaNDAI Global (SaNDAI) was founded in 2018 to help leaders of community health centers enhance operations, deliver meaningful results to stakeholders, and influence positive change within the communities they serve by leveraging analytics and business intelligence solutions to extract insights and perspectives from data. We have since expanded to serve government agencies, not-for-profits, and small businesses as well. SaNDAI is an acronym for Safety Net Data Advisors Incorporated.

Meet our team


As a minority-owned business, we ensure everyone has an equal voice at the table, regardless of their background, race, age, or gender.


Accountability requires that all team members share responsibility for our successes and failures as a company. Being accountable means we continuously work to better serve our clients.


As a 100% remote team, we remain connected to our clients by regularly sharing project updates, broadcasting milestones, and hosting in-person or virtual gatherings at least once a month.


We believe in making a difference before a making a dollar. All clients receive free products and services via our not-for-profit arm, SaNDAI Cares, and we prioritize giving back to the communities our clients serve.